YOUR COMPLETE RACE BIKE The 2015 Tarmac represents a revolution in bicycle design that begins and ends with the rider. We call it Rider-First Engineered™ and it was inspired by our partnership with the leaders in Formula 1 development, McLaren*. Each of the seven frame sizes were developed independently, based exclusively on the real world stresses introduced by the corresponding rider. The result is a significant advance of complete performance in every frame size, from 49 to 56 to 61, and everything in between. In short - breakthrough climbing, sprinting, cornering and performance for riders of every size. Because there’s only one bike you care about. Yours.


Tarmac Rider first

The new rider first designed Tarmac by Specialized


WHAT FACT construction with bottom bracket and chainstays constructed as one piece on most frame levels.

WHY Optimizes weight and stiffness in one of the most critical and highest-stress areas of the frame for superior acceleration, efficiency, and handling.

HOW The BB and chainstays are molded together creating a single unit, rather than bonded together after molding, along with the carbon BB shell. This results in a super strong and stiff unit: seamless from the BB to the dropouts, eliminating potentially weak junctions. This design resists deflection under extreme pedal loads for improved power transfer.


WHAT Strategically designed headtube on Tarmac frames tapers from 1-1/8” at the top to 1-1/2”, 1-3/8”, or 1-1/4” at the crown—depending on frame size—and facilitates massive top and down tube junctions.

WHY Increases strength and stiffness for greater steering precision and responsiveness during out-of-the-saddle efforts.

HOW The wider base creates a stiffer, stronger junction, and the gradual transition of carbon fiber from top to bottom eliminates the potential for weak spots due to sharp angles—carbon is at its best when it keeps a smooth line. Oversized top and down tubes “wrap” around the front of the head tube, creating the ultra-stiff “bulges” at the junctions.


WHAT High modulus carbon frame made from our most advanced carbon construction method.

WHY Gives the new Tarmac the incredible stiffness to weight ratio that has defined the model. Unique carbon layups help achieve the best performing bike at every size.

HOW Thanks to a new understanding of real-world stress inputs, Specialized engineers have been able to achieve new levels of stiffness and ride quality thanks in large part to key carbon layup schedules in strategic locations. Stiffness where it's needed and compliance where it matters most. It's the next evolution in Tarmac performance.


WHAT RIDER-FIRST ENGINEERED™ (S-WORKS, PRO, EXPERT) WHAT Rider-First Engineered™ is a totally new way to approach bicycle development that grew out of our partnership with the leaders in Formula 1 development, McLaren. Rider-First Engineered™ begins and ends with the Rider; each of the seven frame sizes was developed independently, based exclusively on the real-world stresses introduced by the corresponding rider.

WHY For the first time in any bicycle, now the riding experience and performance of each size rider will be the same. When compared to the Tarmac SL4, all seven sizes of the new Tarmac see improvements in handling, pedaling response (BB stiffness), ride compliance and aerodynamics. On top of that, smaller riders (49, 52, and 54) get a lighter and more balanced bike with improved in-corner handling. Large riders (61 and 64) see marked improvements in steering response.

HOW Learning from McLaren’s advanced testing approach, Specialized developed industry-first simulation models and dynamic testing protocols that gave engineers an unprecedented ability to understand exactly how various sized bicycles respond to stresses. This data allowed Specialized to engineer frames that take into account the most important element on a bike — the rider. As a result of this new understanding, Specialized Engineers were able to identify specific performance targets for each of the seven frame sizes and then engineer each independently to achieve the discrete performance targets.

"The perfect all-out cross-country race bike. - 5 Stars"

- Magazine 1

"Once again, I ride away feeling that for XC and endurance racing, there's no better bike out there."

- Magazine 2

Everything you could ask for from a bike

September 19, 2013


from Namibia Age: 35 to 44 Length of ownership: 1 week Level of expertise: Intermediate

I have been riding Specialized bikes for the past 3 years and there is undoubtedly no going back. I have never found a product that delivers on this level every time. Looks fast feels great. Congratulations to did it again.

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