BUILT TO SHRED—JUST ADD TRAIL Whether you want to fly uphill with ease and efficiency, rip downhill terrain with speed and style, or all of the above—we’ve designed and engineered our mountain bikes to give you the best performing machine for the way you ride. From the ultra-lightweight hardtails to world-championship-proven FSR suspension designs, you’ll find the ideal setup for your riding style.


Man is a funny creature. If something has wheels, he will figure out a way to race it, and explore every performance advantage in pursuit of victory along the way. From the early era of mountain biking to to day, our passion for crosscountry remains deep. From “The Captain” Ned Overend taking the inaugural XC World Champions hip in 1990, to Jaroslav Kulhavy riding his Epic 29 to an XC World Champions hip and Olympic Gold medal, to grassroots racers every where, we strive to give XC competitors the best bikes for their pursuit of victory.


Although trail riding is considered a “category” or “style” in the sport today, in actuality, it’s the original and simply the purest form of mountain biking—charge the uphills with speed and efficiency; rip the flowing, skill-testing descents; share post-ride stories over a frosty beverage back at the truck with your buddies. The ultimate full-suspension trail weapon has to be lightweight, but also feature dialed Trail Geometry to handle challenging terrain. To give our machines these Specialized characteristics, we’ve incorporated the knowledge gained from developing our World Championship-winning XC and DH bikes, and then tuned the pedaling efficiency, handling, and suspension performance to create the most versatile bikes on the mountain. FROM shredding buff singletrack to navigating technical, root-and-rock-strewn terrain, our Stumpjumper FSRs and Cambers answer the call of fun in the wild.


In today’s world, you need your bike to be as versatile as your interests are eclectic. From neighborhood bike paths to your first singletrack adventure, our hardtail mountain bikes are fun and inspiring rides perfectly suited for your daily routine. Available in multiple wheel size options, and equipped with powerful disc brakes and smooth-operating suspension forks, there’s a bike perfectly tuned for your riding style.


Adventure biking—that’s how we look at All-Mountain. Whether heading into “Parts Unknown” in search of jaw-dropping trails tucked into the world’s most challenging peaks, or putting on a number plate and stage racing Rally Car-style through Mother Nature’s terrain gauntlet, All-Mountain machines have to be lightweight, efficient, and tough. Our iconic Enduro is synonymous with adventure, performance and capability, and has been re-designed to meet the standards of your riding style. Enduro—choose your own adventure.


Fatboy Fun-loving riders like you are looking for a bike for every occasion, whether on snow, sand, or one-of-a-kind trail experience. Don’t let the large tires fool you, Fatboy offers lightweight performance perfect for the snow race you’ve been circling on your calendar, or whatever unique riding experience you have on your radar.