FOR WHEREVER YOUR ROAD LEADS For some, roads always lead to adventures in the mountains, or long rides on back roads. For others, it’s throwing down against rivals in spirited bursts of speed to test limits in thrilling competition. Whatever you seek from your road rides; our women’s bikes are designed specifically to meet your needs. From your very first road bike, to the race machine you’ve always dreamed of, these bikes are tuned to let you fly, your way.


Performance. Some measure it by watts thrown out, speed over distance, or energy expended. But you know it ’s more than digits on a screen. It’s a feeling, experienced in that moment when you rise from the saddle, apply pressure to the pedals and just…go. In that moment, it seems your Amira effortlessly translates the subtle language of your body into power, speed, and beauty. Who doesn’t want a bike that delivers that feeling in a race, triathlon, or even a training ride with friends?


Here’s to long-haul days in the saddle, where hours are marked not by a watch, but by a shadow swinging across the road. Here’s to riders like Tom Boonen who welcome cobbles and inspire us to get out there and dominate on our own epic rides. And here’s to these fatigue-slaying machines—the Roubaix, Diverge, and Secteur. Machines that help us realize there’s no such thing as a distance too far, or a road too rough. Here’s to like minds.


The dedication is intense. After months of training—brick-after-brick, endless transition drills, and getting that race nutrition dialed—one thing is clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a World Champ like Crowie or first time triathlete, the quest for the perfect race formula is never-ending. Course-crushing tri-bikes like the Shiv and Transition are a key part of this formula, helping you transition to the run with energy left in the tank.