“What our customers say…”

Our keys to success come from our superior service in taking care of you. We value your positive experience, fun on bike rides, or any other open comments that Bikeland has had a part in.

After calling several stores in the area, what first got me into the store was simply how they answered the phone. It was polite and enthusiastic. What is going to keep me coming back to the store for life was the friendly and passionate help I received. Scott took a genuine interest to ensure I was getting what I needed all the while guiding me and explaining the reasons for each of his recommendations. He actually took the time to explain the anatomy of my bike, maintenance tasks, upgrade routes, trails in the area and invited me to their semiweekly store rides. The crew is so great, I momentarily forgot that I actually did NOT purchase my bike from them. This group has a passion; it’s plain to see. If you want the best service, excellent pricing, honest recommendations, and a great atmosphere, you want Bike Land.

Scott, thanks a lot man. I’ll see you next week to pick up my bike with that new crankset.

Justin Self
Spring, TX


I got my first road bike from Bikeland. The employees were very knowledgeable and friendly. The owner was there and was nice to me and the other customers. He helped me pick out the best beginner road bike I could get. I’m a strong athlete and swimmer, so this one is perfect for my beginner tri’s and a half Iron I have coming up. Over all great place, great products, and great people!

Brandon Galownia

Spring, TX

Hey Jeff,
Had some time during my drive to reflect on the past few days and while I didn’t have the race day I’d hoped for, I did have a very positive experience in The Woodlands. I want to thank you and your entire crew at the shop for their help and support in the days leading into the race. You guys are top shelf in my book and I appreciate the warm reception!

Thanks again.


Dede Griesbauer
Professional Triathlete
Twitter: @dedegriesbauer

I’ve been to alot of bike shops looking for my perfect Tri bike and all of the shops talk a big game but never deliver. Bike Land is the first shop I’ve been too where I feel they want me to have the perfect ride and fit and not just sell me something. I live in downtown Houston and drive 30 plus minutes just to get to this shop because of how great the guys are that work there. Aaron and Logan helped me out and hooked me up. They now have a customer for life.

Skyler Moss
Houston, TX

I highly recommend having the staff of Bikeland complete a sizing adjustment check for your bike. After Jeff C. completed my ititial bike adjustment I noticed a significant improvement in my ride. I will be going back for the “PRO FIT” in order to “tweek” & improve even more.
Astrid (STAR) Phillips
Conroe, TX

My wife Jessica decided to ride the MS150 with me this year (tandem) and being new to riding, experienced all the aches and pains associated with getting use to lots of time in non-ergo saddles and shoes. We stopped by the shop Sunday and Danielle helped her sort through the options and give honest, quality feedback on recommended items. She is VERY knowledgeable, and presented the information without using jargon that beginners don’t understand. We have many miles on the new saddle and shoes so far and her (my wife’s) experience on the bike has never been better. Instead of dreading the pain, she welcomes the adventure each ride brings. Many thanks to Danielle for her help, and keep the great personality and personal service.


-Mike Richey
The Woodlands, TX

I want to give a special thanks to Jeff Bruno and Danielle Grainger for all the help they have given me so I can confidently take my 2006 Specialized Stumpjumper solo into some of the remotest areas of the country. The knowledge that these two have given me is appreciated. When you’re alone on a bike 3-4 days away from the trailhead you come to depend very much on your ride. Jeff and Danielle have gone above and beyond to make sure my bike is ready for the rougher trails. Thanks Bikeland and thanks Jeff Chaffin for having a store that is so customer-friendly!

Chuck Cummins
The Woodlands, TX

Hi Jeff!

I bought a Redline Raid for my 7yo son yesterday and picked up my new Electra Townie this afternoon. We came home and immediately went on a 5-mile bike ride – we *LOVE* our new bikes!! I came into your store yesterday to get a new bike for my son – we were pretty set on getting a Specialized Fuse, but after trying the bike out, it was obvious that my 7yo was still just a bit too small for it. He was very disappointed, but the guy helping us spoke about the Redline Raids that he had in boxes in a back room… he promised to put the orange one (at my son, Jack’s, request!) together and have it ready today. He thought that it might be a little smaller and better suited to Jack’s size. He was right! I was very surprised that your salesman was pointing us in the direction of a bike that cost half what I had intended to spend! But I am VERY thankful that he did so, because Jack loves his new bike and the size is a perfect fit for him.

My neighbor bought an Electra Hawaii from you a few months ago and I thought it was the neatest bike ever! So when I was shopping for my son yesterday, I sat on a couple of the Electras and decided to get one for myself. I picked up my Townie today and love the bike! I appreciate how quickly you guys assembled it for me. We’re going camping this weekend and I was looking forward to using the new “cruiser” bike instead of my old mountain bike. The Townie is much more comfortable and I’m looking forward to riding it this weekend. It’s a very cool bike J.

I just wanted to let you know how much fun we’ve had in store over the last couple of days. My wild boys have had a blast with your staff and I have enjoyed knowing that we’ve purchased appropriate, quality bikes and received such friendly and helpful service. You guys obviously remember the meaning of “customer service” – unfortunately, it’s a dying art these days… it sure is nice to know that it still exists! We’ll be back soon to get my husband a new bike (I’m trying to talk him into a classic cruiser!) and next year we’ll come back for that Specialized Fuse for my older son. Thanks so much!

Kindest regards,

Stephanie Ruediger
and the boyz… Jack & Carsten J

Just wanted to give kudos to the staff at Bikeland. They’ve gone out of their way over the past few months to help me with all my problems with my Specialized road bike. I break it, they fix it! Customer service is key to a good bike shop and they have it in spades. I highly recommend them for anyone, especially if you are new to biking and need some guidance along the way. Thanks for all the help!

Jeffrey Kouts
The Woodlands, TX